inBay Technologies

A Case for the Cloud

Shane Young, CEO

What was the business problem?

With the adoption of new technologies changing the way businesses operate, cybersecurity has become a crucial aspect of doing business. Given the rise of cybercrime in recent years, specifically digital identity theft, there was a need for more sophisticated authentication systems. While more of our lives are spent online, identities in the digital world are not only more valuable but also more vulnerable. Operating in today’s digital ecosystem means actively protecting and managing our digital identities.

Organizations that adopt cloud technologies report greater scalability, faster access to infrastructure, and faster time to market for products and services.1

How does your product solve this problem?

inBay’s Zero-Password Authentication Service, idQ® Enterprise, offers a secure and convenient authentication solution allowing you to confidently connect any time, anywhere, on any device. Our enterprise-class Digital Identity Platform solves the digital identity problem by ensuring users are who they say they are.

What technical resources did you need?

To develop the many components that work under the hood of idQ Enterprise, we required access to low-cost, but flexible cloud resources that could scale quickly. In order to be successful in the Identity and Access Management industry, we needed to create an enterprise level piece of software with the ability to scale and expand with our customer’s needs. By leveraging cloud technology, we had access into a scalable, secure, and robust environment needed to kick-start idQ Enterprise into what it is today.

Why did you choose the DAIR Cloud?

We realized early in the development of idQ Enterprise that we required hands-on technical expertise that was not accessible at many of the large cloud providers. By selecting a local, Canadian partner in the DAIR Cloud Program, we had access to personalized help on our cloud environment that we could not get anywhere else. Picking up the phone and talking to a DAIR cloud expert led us to solutions quickly, made us feel more secure in our environment, and better equipped to handle the rigors of product development.

How did the DAIR Cloud help your business?

The DAIR Cloud Program provided us with the necessary resources to build, test, and ultimately bring our idQ Enterprise platform from concept to initial release. As I often say, “Get your product out as quickly as possible, and don’t be shy to ask for help along the way.” DAIR let us do both, by helping us when we needed it, and by allowing us to accelerate our product development. In the end, we were able to bring our idQ Enterprise Platform to market faster.

What was the result?

With the support DAIR provided inBay, we were able to take advantage of high-performance, made-in-Canada cloud resources which gave us the boost we needed to confidently move into the market. Today, inBay’s patent portfolio is ranked among IBM, Microsoft, Hitachi, and Intel for advanced authentication. The DAIR Program gave us a much needed, competitive advantage to vault ourselves onto a global stage and compete successfully.