CAF – ADFSToolkit

ADFSToolkit v.2 is here!

CANARIE is pleased to announce the latest version of ADFSToolkit v.2  to the Canadian Access Federation (CAF) Federated Identity Management (FIM) service.

CANARIE and its partners have been working on a set of tools to augment existing ADFS Identity Provider installations. This set of tools is published by CANARIE as a Powershell module called ADFSToolkit v.2, in the Powershell Gallery hosted by Microsoft. The toolkit allows an existing ADFS Identity Provider to have an additional option for participation in the FIM service.

The key items enabled by the ADFSToolkit are:

  • Retrieval and signature verification of the CAF FIM service trust records
  • Ingestion of the entities into ADFS using the one-at-a-time trust relationship paradigm
  • Automatic setting of attribute release policies for entity categories
  • Site-specific additions of attribute releases on a per service basis
  • Ability to set a scheduled job to keep current with the CAF FIM service trust records on an hourly basis
  • Ability to better diagnose problems

Important Links

To get the latest information on ADFS ToolKit v2

To install ADFS ToolKit v.2

Supported Versions

ADFSToolkit v1.0.0.0 released in April 2018 will sunset support at the end of 2021. Guidance is available to help inform your upgrade plans to take advantage of the latest features and functionality while staying current in the federation.

If you have any questions regarding the ADFSToolKit and how it impacts your CAF and FIM services, please message us at [email protected].