CAF – Common Settings and URLs for FIM Services

Production and Test Environments

CANARIE’s FIM has two environments:

  1. Production environment for production facing services and high availability profile
  2. Test environment for non-production services with a best effort availability profile

Your IdP or SP can participate in either or both environments as long as the operation of the IdP or SP complies with the most strict practices and can interact appropriately with the less strict entities. For instance, if you have a Service Provider in both the FIM Production and Test environments, it should, at minimum, comply with Production practices, despite being present in the test environment and capable of allowing test Identity Providers to sign in.

Common Configuration Elements

CANARIE’s FIM Production and Test environments mirror features and behaviours as best as possible to facilitate Participants’ change control practices, enabling you to test changes or updates sufficiently before promoting them to production. Note: The examples in the remainder of this document will use/refer to production settings.

ElementProduction FederationTest Federation
Operations URL
Signing key is signed in CAF test therefore no key exists
Domestic Aggregate
Inter-federation Aggregate is no test interfederation aggregate
Central Discovery Service (discoveryURL)

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