Manage Your Authorized CAF Contacts

The Canadian Access Federation (CAF) maintains a list of authorized contacts for your organization.

These contacts fall under two categories:

1. Contacts that are authorized to act on your organization’s behalf when corresponding with CANARIE regarding the Canadian Access Federation (CAF). These include:

a. CAF Signing Authority
b. CAF Primary Business Contact
c. CAF Primary Technical Contact
d. CAF Technical Support Contact(s)
e. CAF Billing Contact

2. Contacts published in your organization’s metadata, which include:

a. Your organization’s identity management system or resource access management policy contact (published in the Trust Assertion Document and CAF metadata)
b. Sirtfi contact (published in the CAF metadata)


It is your organization’s responsibility to keep these contacts up-to-date by notifying the CAF team of any changes.


All contact changes can be made by completing the form here:

Per the table below, contact changes can only be requested by individuals with appropriate authority for your organization:

Contact Change Authorized Individuals
Signing Authority, CEO, CIO Primary Business Contact Primary Technical Contact Billing Contact
Modify the Signing Authority
Modify the Business Contact
Modify the Primary Technical Contact
Modify a Technical Support Contact
Modify the Billing Contact
Modify a Sirtfi Contact
Modify a TAD Contact

If you have any questions regarding your organization’s contacts, please email us at [email protected].