DAIR: February 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the February 2020 edition of the DAIR Community Newsletter. We have lots of exciting news to share with you.

New Quarterly Webinar

Given the success of the DAIR BoosterPack Launch Party webinar in December, we’re going to host quarterly DAIR webinars! The focus of each webinar will be a presentation of a specific topic or technology followed by a Q&A discussion.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement with the next topic and date.

DAIR BoosterPacks

We are entering the fourth month of the launch of DAIR BoosterPacks. We want to know what you think!

Have your voice heard and help shape the future of DAIR by taking our short questionnaire available through the button below. As a small token of appreciation, five randomly-drawn DAIR participants who complete the questionnaire before February 14th, 2020 will be sent a $20 Amazon gift card.

DAIR Cloud Questionnaire

Just Released! DAIR Cloud Independence Tutorial

The DAIR Cloud Program promotes cloud independence and encourages entrepreneurs to be mindful in their product design and cloud hosting choices.

Read our new Cloud Independence Tutorial to learn:

  • The importance of cloud independence
  • How cloud independence can be applied to modern web apps and architectures
  • Tips and tools to help you maintain cloud independence

We highly recommend you go through the tutorial and learn how cloud independence could benefit your business.

On the Road

CANARIE’s DAIR Solutions Architect, Don McCullough, and Senior Director of Innovation, Tom Vitez, recently attended the AWS re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas. They both spoke highly of the event and learned about the future of cloud computing. A discovery they wanted to share is the recently released “Amazon Builders’ Library” that addresses many common issues experienced when developing a cloud solution. The “Builders’ Library” is written by AWS architects who build services and solutions that scale in AWS and want to share what they’ve learned.

It’s worth your time to check out and it can be found here.

Bits n’ Bytes

Please find five new and helpful articles and links below. If you come across any articles that you consider worth sharing, please feel free to send us a link at: [email protected].

  1. An article written by Turing Award winner, Yoshua Bengio, examining where Artificial Intelligence will take us soon:
    Spectrum | Yoshua Bengio, Revered Architect of AI, Has Some Ideas About What to Build Next
  2. A valuable resource for Toronto-based startups looking for developers:
  3. An article discussing the intersection of developer operations and cybersecurity, and how to balance both:
    DevOps.com | From DevOps to DevSecOps: Owning Cloud Security
  4. Free online training for Microsoft Azure:
    Microsoft Learn
  5. AWS’s open source implementations of cloud solutions/blueprints:
    AWS Solutions