DAIR Newsletter: June 2017

We have many exciting things to show off in our first newsletter, which will be a monthly installment.
If you are new to DAIR, please check out our latest instructional video. It will help to get you up and running in your own DAIR environment and walk you through the process step by step.

1. Getting Started with DAIR

2. Program Update

With over 900 businesses across a range of industries now having used the DAIR Cloud, we are excited to announce that we have released new software packages to help reduce deployment time.
Please find more information on these software packages here.

3. Advance your Knowledge

Below you will find useful articles and guides that are not only useful for DAIR users, but entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their business with technology.

1. 101 Best Presentation Ideas, Design Tips, and Examples (venngage.com)

2. Containerize Everything! (brianchristner.io)

3. What is Docker? (docker.com)

4. Documents on the Openstack Dashboard (docs.openstack.org)

4. What are Other Startups Doing with DAIR?

Read our latest case studies to see how others are using DAIR to propel their businesses forward.

Rebel Technologies
“In addition to the cost savings, we have confidence that we’ll be able to easily move to a production cloud environment once we’re ready to commercialize.” – Sam Agie, Chief Technology Officer

“DAIR provided a fast, stable, secure, scalable, modular, and realistic testbed for us to develop, test, and break our services.” – Jonathan Ferrier, PhD, Founder

Traditional Knowledge Inc.
“DAIR provided us with a powerful suite of resources that met all our needs and supported continued product development.” – Jordan Lamontagne, Founder and CEO