Research Software: April 2017

Program Updates

The Research Software Workshop is right around the corner!

On May 2nd and 3rd, CANARIE will host the annual Research Software Developers’ Workshop in Montreal. The goal of the workshop is to share best practices and explore new opportunities for collaboration in development of software to support scientific research. Presenters include:

  • Isaac Tamblyn (National Research Council)
  • Simon Hettrick (UK Software Sustainability Institute)
  • Hassaan Ali (Compute Canada)
  • Csaba Pinter (Queen’s University)
  • Melissa Anez (Islandora)

The workshop is by invitation only, but there are a few spots left, so if you are interested in attending, please contact us at

Research Software Developer Survey Results

This February, CANARIE, in partnership with the UK Software Sustainability Institute, launched a survey of research software developers in Canada. The goal was to learn more about those who write research software and how to better support them in their pursuits.

We received over 100 responses from across Canada and around the world. Thank you to everyone who responded as we look to understand and connect the community of Research Software Developers in Canada. More information regarding the survey results will be available after the Research Software Workshop.

Funding Call 2a – Sharing Research Software

We had an amazing response to Call 2a, a call in which applicants with access to existing research software will be funded to make it available to other researchers. The selection of the funded projects will be finalized in May and a press announcement will be made once all contracts are in place.

New: Research Software Portal Page

For those that have not seen it yet, the Research Software Portal has a new landing page. This page highlights some of the Platforms and Services currently available, while also providing a better user experience for those interacting with the Research Software Registry.

The new landing page can be viewed by visiting

Research Software Team Bios

Get to know our Research Software team:

  • Scott Henwood – Director, Research Software
    Scott comes from a long career in software development and engineering and has been with us here at CANARIE for almost five years. Scott has a passion for photography and usually has a camera in-hand.
  • Dan Sellars – Manager, Software Development
    Originally hailing from the UK, Dan has been with CANARIE for four years now. Dan is a craft beer connoisseur and a loving father to two daughters.
  • Ivy Jia – Software Developer
    Ivy has been here at CANARIE for four years and comes from a background of software testing and quality assurance. Ivy is our own globe trotter, loving to travel and having visited the most number of countries of any of the team.
  • Ryan Davies – Software Developer
    Ryan has been with CANARIE for almost 4 years, and comes from a background of software development, having previously worked for the RCMP. Ryan is a skilled carpenter, and we are proud to have some of Ryan’s projects on display here in the office.
  • Richard Ding – Test Engineer
    Richard has been with CANARIE for two and a half years. He comes from a background of electrical engineering and uses this analytical skillset to test and bulletproof our software. Richard loves animals, and is the proud owner of three dogs, and a parrot.

Have a paper or conference related to your project that you’d like us to tell the community about?

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