CANARIE Announces Retirement of Nancy Carter, Vice President of Legal and Corporate Governance 

[Ottawa, ON | January 10, 2024]

CANARIE today announced the retirement of Nancy Carter, Vice President of Legal and Corporate Governance, after 26 years of dedicated service to the organization and to Canada’s private sector and research and education (R&E) sector. As a member of CANARIE’s executive team since 2007, Nancy’s tenure has been marked by exceptional contributions and a tireless dedication to the organization’s success and to the success of the communities CANARIE serves. Nancy’s retirement will begin on February 5, 2024. 

Nancy joined CANARIE in 1997 as a Financial Analyst and progressed to Chief Financial Officer in 2007, a role she served in until 2022. As CFO, she facilitated the transformation of CANARIE’s operating environment, including human resources, information technology, and financial systems. Her financial acumen and strategic guidance have been instrumental in positioning CANARIE’s leadership in the global R&E networking community, an example of which was leading the development of the cost-sharing model for connectivity between Europe and North America. She passionately contributed to Internet governance efforts both nationally and internationally, championing its evolution. Throughout her tenure, Nancy achieved numerous milestones, most recently developing the legal framework for delivering cybersecurity services to Canada’s R&E sector, in collaboration with the provincial and territorial partners in the National Research and Education Network.   

In 2022, Nancy was appointed Vice President, Legal and Corporate Governance, leading CANARIE’s governance, risk management, legal and privacy compliance, project management, and strategic global projects, in addition to the organization’s equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. 

Nancy shared, “I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped my career at CANARIE. Most of all, I’m thankful for the relationships and friendships I’ve made during this time that will continue to enrich my life well into retirement. The decision to retire was not an easy one, but I will continue to cheer the CANARIE team on as they grow and evolve the organization that has faithfully served Canada for over 30 years.” 

“Nancy’s expertise, commitment, and strategic insight have played a critical role in CANARIE’s evolution and success,” said Kathryn Anthonisen, CANARIE’s President and CEO. “I am deeply grateful for the impact she’s made – not only on our operational practices but also on our culture. She is an example of lifelong learning, having earned her law degree while serving full-time as CFO, and continuing to develop skills that strengthened her contributions to the organization. I wish Nancy joy and fulfillment in her well-earned retirement. Her meaningful and positive impact on CANARIE and the communities we serve will be felt long after she officially retires.” 

The CANARIE team echoes Kathryn’s sentiments and express their sincere appreciation for Nancy’s years of service, leadership, and significant contributions and wish her success with her next chapter. 

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Director, Communications
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