Science, Commerce, Security: Connected

In Canada’s 150th anniversary year, come together in our nation’s beautiful capital!

Engage with Canada’s leaders in research, private industry and government to explore the opportunities and challenges that exist in the interconnectedness of science, commerce, and security.


Learn about ground-breaking scientific discoveries and ideas that will improve our lives and spark economic growth


Collaborate with new colleagues and friends across sectors, industries, and research disciplines


Contribute your thoughts and ideas to help shape Canada into a research and innovation powerhouse on the world stage

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2016 Attendee Feedback Highlights

“The variety and quality of speakers were great and always a highlight of the Summit. As is the chance to network with colleagues and friends.”

“Breadth of perspective (not just hardware, not just science); networking, very engaging speakers.”

“Wonderful speakers exploring data in different avenues.”

“The highlight of the Summit for me is creating opportunities of collaboration across different fields of research.”

“I liked the way in which the theme of research data was explored from a diverse set of perspectives.”

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