Overwhelming! Today’s focus on cybersecurity inundates organizations and individuals alike. Keeping track of the latest threats, understanding the role governments, institutions and individuals play, and deciphering conflicting information on how to protect critical infrastructures, personal information, and strategic assets is a challenge — but don’t despair! The speakers at the 2019 CANARIE Summit will break down these issues and address several interrelated perspectives:

  • Who is ultimately responsible for our cybersecurity?
  • What do we know about the psychology of hackers?
  • How are ethical hackers keeping states, businesses, and individuals safe?
  • What’s the impact when research gets hacked?
  • Have our legal frameworks kept up with our cybersecurity frameworks?
  • How do we keep ahead of rapidly-changing technologies and the hackers that work to exploit them?
  • What are the elements of Canada’s national cybersecurity strategy?
  • What is the opportunity for Canadian leadership in cybersecurity innovation?

We hope you join us to better equip your cybersecurity survival guide at the 2019 CANARIE Summit.

Stay tuned…registration opens very soon!

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