Enterprise Dental Management Systems

A Case for the Cloud

Peter Evans, President

What was the business problem?

EDMS is a platform to integrate dental clinic data from disparate dental software programs. In the last 10 years, Corporate Dentistry has become the norm. Today, a large company typically owns a number of dental clinics, whereas in the past an individual or group of dentists would own their clinic. For these corporate owners, managing and interpreting data generated from a wide range of clinic systems is a significant challenge. Our solution gives managers integrated, up-to-date information on all clinics regardless of the dental software they are using in the individual clinic. By offering a common reporting platform, EDMS provides the means for these companies to support better decision-making and forward planning for both clinical and corporate growth. EDMS needed a development platform to support ongoing testing and development of our solution, and to support the test integration of new clinic data – which had to be kept separate from our production servers.

By 2020, 78% of small businesses will be adapted to cloud computing.1

What were the potential solutions?

As a startup, we needed to keep a close eye on expenses and as our solution accesses patient data, we are required to keep the data in Canada. Our options were limited.

What solution was chosen?

DAIR proved to be a great solution for us. The data stays in Canada, and the infrastructure is powerful enough to manage our data intensive loads. As we continue to develop our solution and test our integration processes with large volumes of data, I can run impressive demos for potential clients and effectively demonstrate the power of our solution.

What was the result?

We are in trials with some of Canada’s largest owners of dental clinics, and we’re in discussions with some big players in the United States. We are continuing to develop our solution to add a predictive modelling component, which will add tremendous additional value to our solution.

1 http://cloudtweaks.com/2015/04/cloud-infographic-guide-to-small-business-cloud-computing/