A Case for the Cloud

Nick MacKinnon, Founder and VP Clinical Strategy

What was the business problem?

People with chronic arthritis are underserved in today’s medical industry. With the limits of current medical tracking capabilities and poor access to data, those suffering from chronic arthritis have limited options for treatment. Arthritis usually manifests in the soft tissues of joints, making it difficult for current medical imaging technology to effectively scan and track the condition. Without timely and accurate tools that track the disease’s state and progress, physicians are only able to prescribe general treatments for chronic arthritis, and not those tailored to the patient.

How does your product solve this problem?

eTreat MD has developed the LiveWithArthritis platform to provide both timely and highly tailored chronic arthritis treatments to patients. The LiveWithArthritis platform is a mobile app that turns a patient’s smartphone into a personal arthritis self-management tool. The platform collects exercise, diet, medication, and therapy data for the patient’s health professional. This data aids to develop the treatment that works best for the patient. The platform also has an artificial intelligence-based web service that analyzes images of the patient’s hands and feet to create powerful analytics and visualizations of the disease’s progress for the patient’s healthcare professional.

What technical resources did you need?

First, we needed cost-effective cloud resources that would allow us to test, prototype, and refine our artificial intelligence image scanning technology. Second, we needed these cloud environments to be easily transferable to a commercial cloud when we were ready. Finally, we needed flexibility as we used both Linux and Windows machines for our development.

Why did you choose the DAIR Cloud?

As soon as we signed up, the developers loved the flexibility that DAIR offered them. The scalability, ease of movement to other cloud providers, and the ability to spin up both Windows and Linux environments were crucial – and it’s hard to beat the price of free!

How did the DAIR Cloud help your business?

Coupled with cost savings, the DAIR Cloud dropped our previous processing time of three to four days to three hours, saving us countless weeks in development time. DAIR also allowed us to simulate real world testing across multiple servers to prove that our solution was scalable.

We were able to use the DAIR resources to build a prototype to show to potential investors, as well as to Health Canada for our licensing needs.

What was the result?

We were able to publish our research, and are now beginning to seek investors in the United States after our successful beta trials in Canada.