A Case for the Cloud

Hans Downer, Chief Executive Officer

What was the business problem?

SavvyDox helps companies with widely distributed workforces manage key corporate documents. SavvyDox has developed a solution that ensures people are working on the most recent versions of documents and can securely and easily review and edit them – from anywhere at anytime. When compliance is critical, SavvyDox can even identify who has read which pages of a document.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) activity has doubled to 30%. 1

What were the potential solutions?

We needed a flexible to scalable environment to demonstrate our product to prospective clients. We also needed a solution that responded to a common request to have the data remain in Canada.

What solution was chosen?

Choosing DAIR really made a difference in how we were able to demonstrate our solution to clients in a highly scalable environment, while assuring them that the data remains in Canada. Having the CANARIE brand behind the DAIR offering gave us a real sense of confidence and comfort, knowing that the security profile of the offering was high.

What was the result?

We have been able to demonstrate the product to several potential clients, and, given CANARIE’s relationships with the higher education community, we are exploring options to provide this tool to university researchers. In combination with CANARIE’s access and identity management services, it could be a powerful solution to support researchers dispersed across the country working on collaborative projects.


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