Save over $10,000 in cloud costs to give your business a boost!

Use CANARIE’s free DAIR Cloud Program to save thousands in cloud computing and GPU costs. With access to AWS and expertise in next generation technologies, the DAIR Cloud Program can help bring your business to the next level.  

Apply to the DAIR Cloud!

How does the DAIR Cloud Program help you?

Learn quickly through BoosterPacks

These packages of docs & sample code for specific emerging technologies are built by experienced Canadian entrepreneurs who are sharing the love through their expertise. BoosterPacks help you understand and experiment with a new technology quickly so that you can adopt it for your needs.

Accelerate Development

Experiment with different tools and architectures to optimize your design – with generous, risk-free monthly credits toward cloud resources on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Use your funding for talent, not servers.

DAIR’s resources are free for qualified Canadian businesses. CANARIE is federally funded to spur Canadian innovation and accelerate research and discovery.

Keep your Data in Canada

Your data stays in Canada; period.

Join a community of Canadian startups

Share experiences and expertise with other Canadian startups building cloud-based services.

You qualify for DAIR if:

You’re based in Canada

Your business has fewer than 500 employees

“DAIR helped us get our product to market faster because we didn’t have to raise as much capital to be able to fund a development lab and go with a commercial infrastructure as a service platform.”

Hubert Sugeng, Director of Engineering, BluWave-ai

“I think in Canada we are very lucky to have the DAIR program. And definitely more start-ups and established enterprises should be using it.”

Jeffrey Dungen, CEO of reelyActive

“…we had access to personalized help on our cloud environment that we could not get anywhere else. Picking up the phone and talking to a DAIR cloud expert led us to solutions quickly, made us feel more secure in our environment, and better equipped to handle the rigors of product development.”

Shane Young, CEO, inBay Technologies

“…we had access to personalized help on our cloud environment that we could not get anywhere else. Picking up “Having access to multiple platforms in the DAIR Cloud helped us to go global … [testing] our product in various environments, helped us to deliver a better and higher quality product.”

Alem Legesse, CEO, TrendifyLive