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DAIR Cloud | How-to Series

Adding a Budget

Creating an SSH Security Group Rule

Migration from DAIR to Public Cloud

At present, only VMs can be exported. Other data, applications and/or services must be manually transferred to your private account…

DAIR Webinars: In Brief

Choosing Your Automation Tools – Webinar Transcription. This post has been adapted from the DAIR Webinar, Choosing your Automation Tools, presented by Peter Heath of CENGN Academy. Click to here watch it.

Advanced DAIR Cloud Security Tutorial

Our goal for this tutorial is to give you a solid foundation for achieving a good security posture in a modern cloud environment.

Getting Started with DAIR Cloud

Get started in the DAIR Cloud. This How-to guide will help you get your DAIR Cloud environment set up and walk you through the basics of security and account defaults, creating and logging into an instance, and making user accounts.

How to Deploy Docker in the DAIR Cloud

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to set up a fully functional Docker environment by creating a Docker host in the DAIR Cloud, which you will manage from your PC running Docker Engine. The goal is to be able to quickly deploy application containers to your Docker host in DAIR.


Introduction to Cloud Independence

Learn about the process of designing a modern web application infrastructure hosted in the cloud. We cover the different services available in public clouds, their advantages, disadvantages, how to decide which services to use, and when to manage a component yourself.

Cloud Security Best Practices

The goal of this tutorial is to give you a solid foundation for how to approach security in a modern cloud environment. Topics include cloud architecture, authentication, networking, logging, and how applications work with these components.

Introduction to Object Storage

Learn about object storage, a convenient, affordable, and API-driven way to store and access data in the cloud. Object storage services are designed to facilitate management of all types of data in a programmable fashion.

GPU Driver Update

On June 8, 2021, we will be updating our infrastructure to a new NVIDIA GPU Driver which requires all instances using these GPU to be updated. Any GPU deployed after June 10, 2021 will get the new drivers during install and does not need to follow this process.

Docker Commands for Daily Life

A handy reference guide of commonly used Docker Commands.

Administrative Resources

CANARIE DAIR Usage Agreement


DAIR Cloud Launch Party

Getting Started and Succeeding with Morpheus

Using Docker in the DAIR Cloud

Troubleshooting in the DAIR Cloud & How to Set Up and Monitor Your Monthly Budget

CEIM – Overcoming Startup Challenges