DAIR BoosterPack Catalogue

Flight Plan: Automated Data Pipeline (ADP)

An automated data pipeline (ADP) is an end-to-end solution for automating the ingestion, transformation, storage, and presentation of data on a scalable platform. This BoosterPack demonstrates how a series of open-source tools can be integrated to create an ADP.

Meet the Builder – Intelius

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Flight Plan: Automated Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing

This BoosterPack provides a set of open-source tools to help automate the process of checking your source code for vulnerabilities via static application security testing (SAST) and dynamic application security testing (DAST).

Meet the Builder – Parabellyx

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Flight Plan: Build private blockchain networks on Hyperledger Fabric

This BoosterPack showcases how Hyperledger Fabric, a modular architecture DLT platform, provides the ability to build a permissioned blockchain network. These networks can perform Smart Contracts, a type of secure, real-time transaction among partners across a business network.

Meet the Builder – Senofi

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Flight Plan: Automate Cloud Orchestration with Kubernetes

This Boosterpack is intended to get you to market faster and decrease the downtime of applications developed and deployed using good Kubernetes practices.

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Flight Plan: IoT – Digitize any Physical Space

This BoosterPack provides a deployable Sample Solution that allows users to observe and study the application of Bluetooth Low Energy Real-Time Location Systems (BLE RTLS) and Kibana to solve the problem of automatically collecting and reporting data about who/what is where/how within the physical spaces of a business’s operations.

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Flight Plan: Time-Series Prediction with Machine Learning

This BoosterPack ​​demonstrates the application of machine learning ​to develop models that provide good predictions for time-series data.

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Flight Plan: Automatic Recommendation System Using Machine Learning

This BoosterPack demonstrates how a Collaborative Filtering Deep Model is used to provide recommendations to users based on their past preferences and similarities to other users. This is very useful for software developers needing an Automatic Recommendation System.

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Flight Plan: Apption Data Assessment Tool

This BoosterPack introduces a user-friendly solution for analyzing unstructured data, auto-identify data-types and dynamically creating an optimal database schema. The solution can recognize over 30 data types and flag sensitive data such as first and last names which are included in a summary report.

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